Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Getting back into it

The season is turning; there's a definite autumn feel in the air now.  Summer is over (it must be, the Husband announced it as we sat in the garden on Sunday evening) and it's time to get back to the balancing act that is real life.

And back to blogging, which is not real life but a sort of sideways look at it.  It's taken me a while as I didn't know where to start - so in the end I'm just starting, to see where I end up.

For the last 3 weeks in August I was pretty much Mum, without the work.  It was lovely, but by the end it was also a huge challenge and both the boy and I were ready for something different.  The first week in September saw me completely reversing that situation with 3 days at the opposite end of the country, just working - no Mum duties.  The change was nice (and probably just what the whole family needed) but I felt a bit like a pendulum, swinging from one extreme to the other.

This week I'm finding my way forward again, focusing on the work during the school day and trying to leave it behind afterwards as I wear the Mum hat.  After so long away, work is, well, hard work.  I'd forgotten how much time it takes to find and cultivate new clients, and what a challenge it is to do that while still focusing on the actual paid work that needs to be done.  Very similar to the balancing of paid work against unpaid family and home tasks.

Things are busy at the moment with new clients, new work, not to mention the boy's rapidly-approaching seventh birthday (seven? How did that happen?) and a new school year.  We seem to have crashed into September, feet stomping and arms waving, but I'm hoping that we will wobble back into equilibrium soon with regular work days, regular blog posts and a bit of time to breathe.

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