Monday, 8 October 2012


What do shawls make you think of?  Victorian ladies?  Grannies?  Little House on the Prairie?

Um.  I like shawls.  (In fact, I like the Victorians, grannies and Little House on the Prairie too.  I wonder what that says about me?)

I like knitting shawls.  They can be as complicated or as simple as you like.  You can knit them in any thickness of yarn.  And most important of all, they can't come out the wrong size!  Too big, and they can become a blanket or throw.  Too small, and you have a teeny scarf.  (Or you just keep knitting until it gets bigger.)

I like wearing shawls.  I realise this may be controversial if you aren't a knitter.  (And I am sure the husband has strong opinions on my wearing shawls, but he wisely keeps these to himself, for which I am grateful.)  Sitting at my desk during the day, I get colder and colder.  A shawl (or two or three) over my shoulders makes all the difference and doesn't add the bulk of several woolly jumpers.  Under a coat, a scarf annoys me.  It dangles too far down and gets caught in things.  A shawl does the same job, and can be wrapped around your neck just as easily, but doesn't do irritating things.  Plus it's more interesting than a scarf.

I like draping shawls.  I'm pretty sure the husband has opinions on this one too.  They hang beautifully on the back of a chair, adding a bit of handmade loveliness to a room and, as a bonus, are easy to grab when I inevitably get chilly.

I also like fondling shawls I have made, lovingly, congratulating myself on how skillfully I have made such a wonderful thing.  But don't tell anyone.  That may make me sound weird.

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