Tuesday, 22 April 2014

In the zone in the zoo

On a day when many people went back to work, I went to the zoo with the boy.  In his words, "I want to do something memorable on the last day of the holidays, so that I make the most of it."  (Do all 8-year-olds think like that?  I'm not sure I did!)  Going to the zoo was his suggestion, and given the chance of creating a memory for him, I couldn't say no.

So we wandered without a plan, and we chatted about not very much, and we laughed at the spider monkeys and admired the fruit bats, and we ate lunch, and went back to the spider monkeys and laughed again.  We're both going to come back as spider monkeys in our next lives, without a doubt.  Can you imagine being able to climb and leap like that?

When we got back in the car I was amazed how much time had passed, without a thought in my head beyond what we were doing there and then.  I was 'in the zone' in the zoo.  I may not have changed the world in that small slice of time, but I do feel ready to return to work after those gentle few hours.

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