Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Work-life balance

A Bank Holiday weekend brings a houseful of small boys.  With them they bring...

... a need for endless meals, snacks and drinks
... superhero costumes
... random snatches of song
... enormous amounts of energy
... occasional tantrums and sudden tired, grumpy sulks
... sunny smiles and mischievous twinkles
... grubby knees
... scrapes and grazes
... cute mispronunciations (I hope I am always known as Aunty Wiz)

A day back at work after the Bank Holiday brings...

... measured, adult conversation about serious things
... the ability to focus on one thing at a time
... strange, but very welcome, silence
... the opportunity to sit for hours at a stretch, thinking hard and writing long complex sentences
... a social requirement to control the urge to sing, or dance, or announce to all and sundry, "I need a wee"

Work-life balance in action?

PS. The blog has a new home to live and work in!

Please come and join me at http://liveandworkathome.wordpress.com/

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