Thursday, 24 May 2012

Holiday unplugged

I've been reading a lot recently of people 'unplugging' - no email, no iPhone, no Facebook, Twitter etc - for a weekend, a week or longer.  Mostly, it seems, they've been doing it in order to reconnect with real life (and, I suspect, to see if they could cope). 

I love being unplugged.  I've never joined Facebook, Twitter or done anything which could be called social networking.  On occasion I've been asked why, and never really come up with a satisfactory answer. 

"The thought gives me the willies,"

or "I like to talk to real people in real life"

aren't really very helpful responses, and "I spend enough time at the computer for work - why would I want to spend my time off there too," while it is completely true and comes close, doesn't quite cover it either.

 I want to live my life, not read about other people's; connect with people I care about face to face; be outside; make things; dawdle about feeding the ducks; write when inspiration strikes...

And that's what I'll be doing next week on holiday.  No blogging either, then - that would be cheating.  I'll be back in a week or two.

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