Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Reasons NOT to work at home

I'm inclined to paint a very rosy picture of working from home.  There are a lot of positives.  This morning, I have encountered one or two of the negatives.  Here they are:

1. Computer problems are your problems, not someone else's.  (Actually I am very fortunate to have a resident IT Man - my husband - but he is inconveniently absent during the day.)

2. You end up working extra hours when you were hoping to have a quiet morning packing and preparing for a work trip this afternoon.

3. There is nobody to delegate said extra work to.

4. There is nobody to complain about any of the above to.

5. There is nobody to blame for agreeing to do the extra work except yourself.

6. You feel guilty for walking around the mess that is begging to be tidied off the living room floor.

7. You end up having egg and chips for lunch to comfort yourself in the midst of this extra stress, and then feel guilty about that too.

But I'd still choose it over going out to work for someone else every day!

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