Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Small pieces

One of the many things I love about working at home is that small pieces of things I enjoy can find their way into my day.

Yesterday I spent a good few hours working hard on writing a funding application for a client and was satisfied when I finished it.  I read a few pages of a book while eating my lunch.  I walked up to school with my husband to pick up our son.  (Side note: in the sunshine!  No rain yesterday, although normal service has now been resumed.)  I spent half an hour weeding the allotment and enjoying the sunshine.  I cooked a lovely salmon curry (and it only took half an hour) for dinner while 'the boys' played lego, and in the evening I knitted a few more rows on a shawl/blanket I seem to have been knitting for a very long time.

I've probably painted a rather too idyllic picture of my life here.  Insert laundry sorting, dishwashing, bed-making, tax-form-filling and other less lovely items into that picture in about the same measures as the other stuff.  But even they are part of the patchwork of quarter-hours which make up a day in and around the home.

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