Monday, 11 June 2012

Half-filled notebooks

Does anyone else have a shelf/drawer/cupboard full of half-filled notebooks?

I have a selection of notebooks in all shapes, sizes, colours and bindings.  Some I've had for years; one I bought last week. (It has drawings of vegetables on the cover.  I like growing vegetables and it makes me smile.  But I didn't need it.)  Some are works of art - their contents are not - and some are just school-style exercise books.  I've been doing a book-binding class so some are handmade by me while others are mass-produced and spiral-bound. 

I can never resist adding to the collection.  This may be why, with a few exceptions, not one of these books is actually full.  I use them to write lists, diaries and random thoughts, but my thoughts would probably be a lot more coherent (and it would be easier to go back and find particular notes) if I managed to keep them all in one book at any one time.  But sometimes a notebook is too big to fit in my bag so I need to use a smaller one.  Sometimes I don't feel like writing on lined paper.  Sometimes a spiral binding annoys me.  Sometimes I fancy a big page so my ideas don't get squashed.  Sometimes I just want to use a pretty book - or want to use a plain one so I don't get intimidated by the blank pages.

Is it just me?  Do you have a collection of half-filled notebooks too?

PS.  Come to think of it, I have a lot of pens too.  Pens are important.  They must write smoothly and easily and make a nice fine - but not too fine - line.  There must be a selection of colours even though nine times out of ten I will choose the black one.  Maybe that's a post for another day!

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