Thursday, 21 June 2012

Step back and wait

Breakfast by the open back door as the sun streams in.  The boy is drawn outside and begins to collect rose petals to make perfume for Mum.  Later, I watch as he stands close to the young apple tree for minutes at a time, watching the ants as they make their busy way up and down the trunk.  He finds where the aphids are hiding and inspects them too.  I stand back and watch the magic unfold.

I've tried to create the opportunities for outdoor play and learning, on so many days and in so many days.  Sometimes the lure of indoor toys and screens is too strong, but sometimes a small thing means that outdoors is fascinating again.  This time, it was my remark that I'd chosen a particular rose bush because it smells the same as the one in my childhood garden, whose petals I used to make 'perfume'.  He dashed outside to do the same, and I stood out of the way.

So many times, at home and work, all we need to do is create the right environment, then step back and wait.  Mix the ingredients, heat the oven, and the cake will bake itself.  You can't make the carrots grow, but you can sow the seeds, water them, weed, and wait.  Make the calls, and eventually someone will hire you.  Do great work, and the recommendations will follow.  Believe in yourself, and someone else will too.

PS. I was delighted to be asked by Judy Heminsley to be interviewed on her blog, Work from home wisdom.  The first part of the interview is up today so please do go over and take a look.  As I said to Judy, her book was my emotional crutch and practical support when I finally took the plunge and went 'properly' out on my own, having played at it for a few years.  I'll tell that story in my next post.

If you're visiting from Judy's blog, welcome, and do stop and say hello!

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  1. Thank you for the mention, Liz. I was delighted to find your blog about the ups and downs of working from home. Always such a relief for us to be able to say 'Thank goodness it's not just me'!