Wednesday, 27 June 2012

It all adds up

I posted a while ago about how using the tiny pockets of time that otherwise fall through the cracks of life can help us get things done, but today I've realised how much those tiny pockets can add up.
When some of the weeds growing on my allotment were nearly as tall as me (no exaggeration - I didn't know grass could grow seed heads four feet tall) I decided to go down there as many mornings as possible on the way back from dropping the boy at school.

Now, I can't spend all day there unfortunately - I have a business to run and a household to manage - but when I looked up after my stolen ten minutes today I realised I was winning!  All of the remaining weeds (and yes, there are plenty) are small and should be easy enough to keep on top of IF I keep taking those few minutes each day to keep them under control.

Now, I'm off to apply the same strategy to a very big piece of work which is nearly as daunting as the enormous weeds.  One step at a time...

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