Thursday, 5 July 2012

I didn't notice the sun today

I didn't notice the sun today.

I saw my desk and its glowing screen.  I saw my words and figures as they travelled across the screen.  I saw emails bringing in more tasks to complete.  I saw a bowl of soup spinning in the microwave for a three-minute lunch.  I saw the pot of stew I cooked at 8am because it was the only time I had to make tonight's dinner.

But I didn't see the sun that shone all day, or notice it shining until I lifted my head and it was time to rush to school, and the optician, and the library, and back to reheat and eat the stew.

Today I have to look hard to find the small pieces of enjoyment, but they are there:

  • Finding a few pods of fresh peas in the garden for dinner - the boy's favourite.
  • A long hug from the husband when he came home.
  • Sitting with the boy watching a very rare after-dinner DVD. 
  • Choosing said DVD with him at the library after watching him devour an ice cream in the sun.
  • The minutes of reflection while writing this post.

And two major pieces of work finished - a very satisfying achievement.

Tomorrow I will look for the sun, and truly enjoy the small pieces.  And if it rains - as well it might - I'll notice and enjoy that too!

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