Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The horns of a dilemma

There I was, in my last post, musing about the possibilities of doing less... and I think the universe may have been listening and having a little chuckle to itself.  For now I find myself on the horns of a 'doing less dilemma'.

Regular work I had been relying on for some time has suddenly come to an end, potentially giving me two free days a week.  I'd been feeling for some time that the so-called work/life balance was tipping a little too far in the direction of work, but without wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth, this feels slightly like a tip too far in the other direction.

Or is it?

If I rush around now and shuffle other work around, go out looking for more, and generally fill that free time immediately, I could probably engineer it so that there is once again no space in my work calendar.  Excellent.

But wait.  It's the school summer holidays.  I've already arranged things so that I get plenty of Mummy time - but if I hold off the frantic shuffling and scrambling, I could have more Mummy time, and possibly, if I'm careful, even some actual free time to myself.  Time to think about how I might want to alter my work pattern (or not), time to think about what direction I might like that work to take (assuming the work is there to be found), time to plan and ponder and to do nothing but sit in the sun.  Or rather, in the shade.  Sitting in the sun makes me wilt.

Suddenly the extra time I wanted is here, and it's actually a little overwhelming.  Maybe it really is time to do nothing and let the answers come to me while I play in the paddling pool.

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