Monday, 9 July 2012

When home is not inspiring

Am I alone in fantasising about having a whole day to myself?  A whole day to do what I like!

But then it finally comes and there's a bit of work that needs doing first thing (because of technical problems last week), and then there's the unpaid voluntary work that you never have time for so another hour goes on catching up with that... Then there are a couple of cups of tea to be made and drunk, bins to be emptied, emails to answer and blogs to read, and suddenly it's lunchtime and I still haven't figured out what exactly it is that I want to do...

Because being at home seems to mean doing the things we always do at home.  Maybe what's really needed is to get out in the world and just be somewhere different.  At least in a different place there's less risk of the 'same stuff, different day' syndrome.

So, with apologies to the makers of the BBC show "Why don't You..." (oh dear, dating myself horribly now - please tell me someone else remembers it too?), I shall "go out and do something less boring instead."  If I can decide what it is.

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